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Research interests:

My scientific activity focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), including both its technological devlopement and its applications to the fields of clinical research and neuroscience.

Since 2011 I am working at Imago7, the first research center in Italy equipped with a 7 Tesla whole-body MR system; in particular, I am focusing on data acquisition and post-processing techniques for MRI systems operating at ultra-high static field, for applications to neurodegenerative diseases and pediatric neuroimaging. Before joining Imago7, I worked at the Laboratory for Cognitive Brain Mapping RIKEN atthe Brain Science Institute, Japan, where my research focused mainly on how the brain processes visual motion.

For a selection of scientific publications, please visit the section "my work".



The first 7 Tesla MRI system installed in Italy (photo: 2011)
The Imago7 group (photo: 2014)

Updated on March 15th, 2019